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Free Stamps Contest

I am now holding my tenth free stamps contest. This month, four prizes are being offered.. First prize is 20 nice First Day Covers from the United States, the second prize is a mixture of 100 mixed mint, never hinged, United States stamps. Finally, third prize is a mystery pack of just about anything from all over the world. An additional prize is an autographed copy of Bill Olcheski's book, 100 Trivia Quizzes for Stamp Collectors. Just try to answer four trivia questions. You will get one chance to win just for typing in your name and an additional chance for every answer you get right. I WILL NOT SELL YOUR NAME OR USE IT TO TRY TO SELL YOU ANYTHING.

City State/Province
Zip/postal code

What's your experience collecting stamps?
What do you collect? Leave blank if no experience.

1. Victoria was one of six former British colonies which on January 1, 1901 united to form which country?

2. What is the Kalahari?

3. What is Iran's capital?

4. Which continent boast the world's largest waterfall?